Masterpiece [noun]

Definition of Masterpiece:

respected work of art

Synonyms of Masterpiece:

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Sentence/Example of Masterpiece:

The outcome of that objective vision was Hamlet—a masterpiece of self-revealing.

Lamb and Coleridge, on the other hand, have praised "Lear" as a world's masterpiece.

Viewed only as a masterpiece of human life it might well be the despair of mankind.

A stanza, the final one of that masterpiece, has been preserved.

It's a masterpiece to have invented a serious suit that is not black.

Of plot there is little, but as a terrible study in realism the book is a masterpiece.

She seemed to be sobbing as she lay there, and Santerre declared the conception to be a masterpiece.

Superintending the icing of this masterpiece occupied some time.

This masterpiece is best where no hands but nature's have been laid on it.

Audrey looked up, but the baby was not looking at her; he was absorbed in his masterpiece.