Masterpieces [noun]

Definition of Masterpieces:

respected work of art

Synonyms of Masterpieces:

Opposite/Antonyms of Masterpieces:


Sentence/Example of Masterpieces:

Their statuettes and images of saints are often masterpieces.

"There are only masterpieces here," he said, in a subdued voice, as though in church.

Painting in oil was invented, and filled Europe with masterpieces of art.

It should be added, further, that it contains some of the masterpieces of these men.

But we cannot enumerate a tithe of the masterpieces of the British Encyclopædia.

A fountain worthy, when finished, to rank with the masterpieces of ancient Rome.

Some of his manufactured despatches were masterpieces of cleverness.'

Many of Mr. Tenniels designs are masterpieces of wise absurdity.

No gallery is so rich in them as Munich, which possesses nine, six of which are masterpieces.

He advised him to copy carefully the masterpieces in his own country.