Masterwork [noun]

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Indeed it has created a factitious interest in da Vinci's masterwork.

But his "War Song of Gamelbar," for male voices, is really a masterwork.

That masterwork seemed to tell her to do as the heroine had done and go in a convent.

What had seemed like an end became the true beginning, that of his masterwork, Jean Christophe.

Hanke calls it "a masterwork of Nature," and Markham pronounces it "a spiritualized strawberry."

Within three years of his death, namely in 1513, he could produce such a masterwork as the altar-piece in S. Giovanni Crisostomo.

The song is, in my fervent belief, a masterwork of absolute genius, one of the very greatest lyrics in the world's music.

It is the masterwork, "Hora Novissima," however, which lifts him above golden mediocrity.

Years before he had designed his masterwork, The Day of Resurrection, and his model was the most beautiful woman in the world.

The old-time chteau, constructed in the fifteenth century, was the masterwork of a famous Angevin architect, Jean Lespine by name.