Masticated [verb]

Definition of Masticated:


Synonyms of Masticated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Masticated:


Sentence/Example of Masticated:

George, continuing to masticate his bread, says it has nothing to do with him.

She was trying to masticate these when there came a tap at the door.

They then roll the leaf up, and masticate it for hours together.

If she should masticate food her own poison would destroy her life.

And he took her teeth out of her mouth so that she should not masticate food.

Sayre bit out a page from the pad and began to masticate it.

Their stomachs, however, and breasts, were easy to masticate.

Take time to masticate and cultivate a cheerful appetite while you eat.

He should swallow the seeds and pulp whole, and masticate and swallow the skins.

Masticate well every mouthful of food, whether it seems to need it or not.