Matched [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Matched:

But even that gibe hinted at a recklessness that matched her own and gave her comfort now.

He took off a cap which matched the coat and looked about the room.

Jonadab and Peter agreed 'twas a good plan, and we matched to see who'd be guide.

They, I know right well, when matched with us, will prove but novices in war.

"And we won't get a medal, either," Stan remarked as he matched O'Malley's grin.

She matched my long words with a great one caught from my tutor.

They only matched the cattle that had died off during the drought.

Indeed, it was no secret to him that Mercedes loved him with a devotion which matched his own.

Ferdinand had great abilities and an ambition which matched his abilities.

Colored cloths should be matched in daylight, not in artificial light.