Materialism [noun]

Definition of Materialism:

desire for possessions

Synonyms of Materialism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Materialism:

Sentence/Example of Materialism:

He might have escaped this materialism through the church, but to him it offered no inducements.

There will soon be no babies for you to instruct either in materialism or socialism.

Liberate their conscience from the materialism by which it is weighed down.

Razumov envied the materialism of the thief and the passion of the incorrigible lover.

On the other hand, it is of the essence of Materialism to deny that the Will is an agent.

For the theory of Materialism the present question has no existence.

But it does not follow from this that the theory of materialism is true.

Further, so far as we are physiologists our materialism can do us no harm.

Such, then, I take to be a general refutation of materialism.

That this is the necessary position of Materialism is easily proved as follows.