Materialistic [adjective]

Definition of Materialistic:

thinking mainly about physical things

Synonyms of Materialistic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Materialistic:

Sentence/Example of Materialistic:

I have said that the dominant thinking of our age is materialistic, and by that I mean also physical.

Let our materialistic friends summon them, then, to their aid.

At all events, it is a legitimate induction from materialistic premises.

Physical science is as little Atheistic as it is Materialistic.'

They are suspicious and materialistic, having no sacred ideals.

Condillac's doctrine is sensationalist, but not materialistic.

It is realistic—this Montaignesque method—realistic not materialistic.

We turn, secondly, to the Materialistic School as represented by Aug.

One was the outlook of Sarakoff, which even I deemed to be too materialistic.

The materialistic Evolution, so to speak, is a straight line.