Materialize [verb]

Definition of Materialize:

come into being

Opposite/Antonyms of Materialize:

Sentence/Example of Materialize:

Is that the room where he's expected to materialize with his machine?

He made his camp and bided the arrival of the cattle; but that arrival did not materialize.

For some reason, however, the collaborated volume did not materialize.

But, somehow, these literary evenings never did materialize.

A ghost could not materialize and kidnap a girl of flesh and blood.

I could set the switches at my belt to materialize me into New York.

If it should fail to materialize—as had been known—what then?

Why could not the former "materialize" as well as the latter?

An idol, however, is the abode of a god—the image into which a deity may materialize.

So the clean sweep that the Giants had been hoping for did not materialize.