Materialized [verb]

Definition of Materialized:

come into being

Opposite/Antonyms of Materialized:

Sentence/Example of Materialized:

Jud was the dark cloud, and his silver lining had not yet materialized.

She seemed to have materialized out of the air like a ghost.

This becomes thickened and materialized so that it is accessible to the sight.

This was a mild joke, for the boarders had not as yet materialized.

I materialized in Arret almost in the middle of a scouting group of rat-men.

Now that I've got him materialized, I can command his motions.

A great roan stallion, bridled but without a saddle, materialized.

With incantations and sorcery and his own blood he materialized me in the flesh of his own planet.

These attitudes were materialized in the building of the penitente moradas.

His old thoughts come back to him materialized as balls of wool.