Materiel [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Materiel:

Our resources of the materiel of war were well nigh infinite.

You see, Im in charge of materiel procurement for the Major.

It is not with materiel of this kind that war is waged; it is with field pieces.

All our equipage--horses, carts, and the materiel of the camp--had been sold at public auction at Bellevue.

There had been much doubt among the southern leaders as to the materiel of the western armies, on both sides.

And if this be so, the question as to what should be the materiel of education, becomes singularly simplified.

He sed the Erth was materiel but man was immaterial, and hens man was different from the Erth.

Introversion must be the same as scuttling, its main purpose to withhold secrets and materiel from the enemy.

Nearly all their materiel would, if the time ever came, be useful for our own defense.

But the materiel of the other regiments was not superfine, as M. Boyer, before whom they were defiling, might have said.