Mates [noun]

Definition of Mates:

one of a pair; partner

Synonyms of Mates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mates:

Sentence/Example of Mates:

I played as heartily as I worked, but I studied with a will, too, and passed a score of mates.

Our mates used to go aloft, and both were active, powerful men.

One of the mates, and two of the petty officers, could speak a little English.

He would not give his mates the pain of refusing or of apologising.

And then John burst into song, and all his mates and neighbours with him.

I'm no orator, mates, it's the flesh and blood in me that's speakin', it's the heart o' me.

I'm no blanky orator, mates, but wot I say is drove from me.

These he mates, and from their progeny he selects the ones that suit him best.

She was popular among her mates, although she never sought popularity.

The mates and the crew, part of 'em, was standin' starin' at the pair.