Mathematical [adjective]

Definition of Mathematical:

concerning manipulation of numbers

Synonyms of Mathematical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mathematical:


Sentence/Example of Mathematical:

But Shelley's world was the world of the utilitarian Godwin and the mathematical Condorcet.

Brocq could not place her with that mathematical exactitude dear to his scientific mind.

He has been experimenting in mathematical physics, and I have been assisting him.

The way to it was through the mathematical sciences, and these too were dependent on it.

This is to be acquired through the study of the mathematical sciences.

Against three mathematical errors Plato is in profound earnest.

He graduated with high honors in the mathematical branches and in languages.

Einstein's 'Field Theory' practically proves it on the mathematical side.

He was an absent-minded person with a mathematical imagination.

He had a sudden ironic sense of a gap in his mathematical philosophy.