Mating [verb]

Definition of Mating:

marry and breed

Synonyms of Mating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mating:

Sentence/Example of Mating:

Does it not throw some doubts upon your own psychic fitness for mating at all?

No longer do they withhold knowledge of love, mating, and the renewal of life.

Mating seasons and habits shed some light on the natural aspect.

Besides, I don't believe in mating people like cattle or slaves.

That might be lost to her; but even so, she could not decline from its dear memory to a mating like this.

In the mating season some birds have beauties which are ordinarily concealed.

Birth as the natural sequence of mating is her solemn and invariable law.

It is large in the lion and the eagle, and in all mating birds and animals.

Naturalists have heretofore considered this swarming to be a mating of the two sexes.

He swelled a little with the strutting spirit of the mating male.