Matronly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Matronly:

Hilda Marsh—Hilda the blooming, the full bosomed, the matronly.

Her features, once soft and matronly, flamed with uncontrollable passions.

She was little if any older than the girl, but her air was that of matronly wisdom.

A matronly woman, of portly dimensions, met them in the hallway.

She was a matronly person, with a bland smile on her countenance.

He does not foresee that in Clara's matronly friend he will behold Marah Rocke!

Mrs. Thornburgh moved on, her matronly face aglow with interest.

Magdalena was superb in her matronly beauty and her diamonds.

Well, I think the bonnet is nicest, more quiet and matronly.

A matronly woman welcomes you, and presides with grace and dignity.