Mattresses [noun]

Definition of Mattresses:


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Sentence/Example of Mattresses:

The shirt was clotted with blood; so were the mattress under him and the floor.

They put a mattress in the bottom of the cart, and plenty of blankets.

Captain Beaudoin was again resting on his mattress in the large room.

Etienne could sleep in the shop, on a mattress on the floor, that was all.

When the mattress was empty she got thirty sous for the sack so as to be able to have coffee.

These filthy animals got fatter and fatter, then they jumped onto the mattress and disappeared.

The bare feet, projecting beyond the mattress, still danced on.

The house surgeon had drawn near, and was pulling Coupeau into the middle of the mattress.

Blaise had been laid on a stretcher provided with a mattress.

On a mattress by the wall he lay outstretched, unconscious, and near to his end.