Maunder [verb]

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Nevertheless, Maunder says that this thing had no relation to auroral phenomena.

In the Observatory, 6-192, is Maunder's contemporaneous account.

"You told me not to maunder just now," says Bingo, with ponderous sarcasm.

Maunder has been sighing for the last ten minutes, and I know what that means.

It's young for him still—Hold on, Olive; I'm not going to maunder!

That is what his life has turned, but he will not maunder about it.

He recalls Maunder's childish experiments, and is greatly impressed by them.

Maunder on for hours, talking to himself or the other fellow blowing the bellows.

But what would become of my father, and my mother, and my brother Maunder?

Only my father would be angry, I am sure; and my brother Maunder is dreadful.