Mauve [adjective]

Definition of Mauve:

purplish color

Synonyms of Mauve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mauve:


Sentence/Example of Mauve:

They were there almost over our heads, sprinkling us with their blue, pink, and mauve drops.

Juve showed this sheet of mauve letter paper to his listeners.

She quickly caught sight of a mauve sheet of paper on the blotting-pad.

She set Richard down on the mauve soil and collapsed beside him.

Gradually the blue color faded to mauve and then to a brilliant crimson.

It came to be the chic and proper thing to appear at them in shades of mauve or purple.

Manufactured on a large scale after Perkin's discovery of mauve in 1856.

On a small console-table was one immense basket of mauve orchids.

The King listened to her tale with interest, and his mauve eyes sparkled.

In the sky, splinters of mauve tore at curtains of purplish flame.