Mavericks [noun]

Definition of Mavericks:

person who takes chances, departs from accepted course

Synonyms of Mavericks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mavericks:

Sentence/Example of Mavericks:

Wonder if she would have any use for a maverick rancher from the alkali 174 country?

This should be Mr. Maverick, a retired merchant, who is on a visit to his daughter.

"Some of you maverick psis scream like a gelded porker," he said.

It was as easy to you as picking out a maverick in a bunch of steers to me.

Dunwoodie, emerging from the Maverick bar, hailed him as he passed.

"I withdraw the objection," said Maverick; and so it was Wensday.

"My little daughter Zola B. can spell everything," said Maverick.

"She will be unwilling to return with me then," said Maverick, in a troubled manner.

It was only too evident to Maverick that there was a cause of distrust between them.

And Maverick kissed, again and again, that fair face of which he was so proud.