Maw [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Maw:

His eyes gleamed like two lamps and he was spitting fire and flame from his maw.

Let them boil gently till the liquor is reduced to three pints, and strain it off; when only milk warm, pour it on the maw.

He had come deliberately to thrust his head into the lion's maw that he might save her brother.

"That'll do, Maw," she said, dismissing her parent with a nod.

Maw allowed you woz talkin' a furrin' tongue all along, but I—sakes alive!

Well, Maw, as the fellow says in the circus, here we are again.

So it is, Maw, and if this fellow had only realized it he'd have kept out of trouble.

This year, for the first time, Maw had consented to the aid of a "hired girl."

Don't ye want to see Christianna again, an' maw an' the dogs?

Just what they expect of my babyAin't clear to his maw; my, oh, my!