Mawkishness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mawkishness:

The mawkishness of the sentiment was only surpassed by the feebleness of the style.

In this expectancy of death there is no mawkishness, no pose.

There is nothing in it of the mawkishness of Kelly nor of the pompous affectation of Cumberland.

She was told that it bored him to play the lover; that his misconduct was her fault; and then she was accused of mawkishness!

In such a shape the patriotic instinct may tend in natures weaker than Bolingbroke's to mawkishness or sentimentality.

Dickens's sentiment seldom rings perfectly true; too often it is sharped to flippancy, or flatted to mawkishness.

His Endymion, 1818, though disfigured by mawkishness and by some affectations of manner, was rich in promise.

If you deny them to the latter, all you get is poverty of ideas, and morbidity, and mawkishness.

The ladies, watching him, seemed by their eyes to condone the mawkishness of the demonstration which had tempted him.

In the Bible the beauty of women is frankly spoken of without prudery or mawkishness as an influence in human affairs.