Maxima [adjective]

Definition of Maxima:

highest, utmost

Synonyms of Maxima:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maxima:

Sentence/Example of Maxima:

Fifty lashes is a maximum punishment, inflicted only for the gravest crimes.

Rhododendron maximum, L. (mountain laurel of North America).

The maximum that could be drawn for maintenance was not less than seventy per cent.

The motor on the locomotive as a maximum 1½ horse-power when so much is needed.

The schedule of maximum rates applies to all Class "A" roads.

Nebraska has just adopted a maximum tariff law for the control of her roads.

In my judgment the United States must come to a maximum and minimum tariff.

It did not give any authority for a direct fixing of maximum prices.

The pathos of the situation and the Eironeia at its maximum.

Any number of batteries up to the maximum may be charged on each line.