Maxims [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Maxims:

He fired his volley of explanation at his employer with the rapidity of a Maxim gun.

Apply this maxim—you may do it a thousand ways, especially in company.

"No faith with duns" became, as he frankly declared, a maxim of his morality.

What a man does by another he does by himself, says the maxim.

This expression has ever since held its place as a maxim of polite conversation.

In some cases this maxim may be just, but not in the present instance.

Always be careful of back doors, is a maxim with me in all my exploits.

The sentiments of the egoist are summed up in the maxim, "After me the deluge!"

It is a maxim worthy of all acceptation that a man may have that allowance he takes.

If this maxim were acted up to, what attorney could we ever get to frame an indictment?