Mayhem [noun]

Definition of Mayhem:

chaos, confusion

Synonyms of Mayhem:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mayhem:




Sentence/Example of Mayhem:

Something, Mayhem decided, had come up during transmigration.

It did not seem possible, Mayhem thought now, that a mistake could be made.

Mayhem dabbed at his Sirian forehead gratefully, mopping at sweat.

Mayhem's answer was a question, but the question didn't really require an answer.

But of course no one knew precisely when Mayhem's services might be required.

There was no way, Mayhem knew, of making extensive repairs on Pluto.

The whole galaxy, let alone the solar system, knew the Mayhem legend.

When Bartock prowled into view, Mayhem would shout a warning.

I forebore to inquire what variety of mayhem he had committed on the "gentleman."

The killings and house-burnings of an earlier day became the appeals of mayhem and arson.