Maze [noun]

Definition of Maze:

labyrinth; confusion

Synonyms of Maze:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maze:

Sentence/Example of Maze:

She was lost, for the instant, in a maze of disagreeable reflection.

To him the winter passed in a maze of doubt and self-contempt.

Paris was going on—all that muddle and maze of worried people.

One of the first things he did to make himself famous was to build a maze.

The tug's hull was practically filled with a maze of machinery.

"There was a lower roof and a maze of crisscross alleys," I muttered.

However much they pored over the map, it was still a maze of lines.

There was no light in this dark place; there was no way out of this maze but to wait and suffer.

Before saying a word he bent slightly and peered into the maze of mechanism.

The poor little brain went on wandering in a maze of its own making.