Meadows [noun]

Definition of Meadows:

grassy field

Synonyms of Meadows:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meadows:


Sentence/Example of Meadows:

It was a lonely place this grove; for it lay between the meadows and the high-road.

"It's right here on the field, Robbie," Colonel Meadows said quickly.

He'd tear up my cornfields and meadows and put factories and mills in their place!

There was no longer any sound of musketry in the direction of the meadows.

In the rosy flush of the morning lie the green hills and meadows.

Our meadows on the banks of the Garonne were of a tender green.

Screens of tall poplars that divide the meadows, hide the river completely.

The meadows ended at the foot of another hill, a real one this time.

The dew in the meadows and the pearls on the wings of butterflies began to glisten.

A raised causeway carries the road to Monmouth over the meadows.