Meagerly [adverb]

Definition of Meagerly:


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Sentence/Example of Meagerly:

In the evening he complimented Alfred meagerly on his proficiency as a whip.

There were several forts in the Indian country, but they were meagerly garrisoned.

It was a tiny room, whitewashed; meagerly and nondescriptly furnished.

The Romans were perhaps the first who introduced that art into Britain, meagerly as they did introduce it.

They found nothing but two meagerly furnished houses, apparently recently deserted.

The volunteers had come in meagerly clothed because they expected to be fully supplied by the government they were to serve.

He lives as closely as he can, but, as meagerly as he lives, his pounds melt into shillings and his shillings into pence.

The archives of Spain have as yet been only meagerly investigated.

Even the hundreds of itinerating libraries but meagerly meet the want.

She found herself in a meagerly furnished, low-ceiled room, very similar to the one she had just quitted.