Meals [noun]

Definition of Meals:

food, often taken by several individuals

Synonyms of Meals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meals:


Sentence/Example of Meals:

Here he cooked and ate his meals, and here he spent his solitary evenings.

If it will make you feel more independent, you may pay for your meals.

If you miss any meals, your ticket is good until it is punched.

You feel sleepy after your meals, and willingly enjoy a nap?

But when they sat at meals, loosening their armor buckles, then there would be news.

When she sat at meals now, like Martin she was too tired for conversation.

How ridiculous it was of women to sit at meals with hats on!

Is he to attend to the house and cook his meals as well as look after the shop?

Until then, he would stay at the flat, taking his meals at restaurants.

His servants had all left him, and he had been reduced to taking his meals at the inn.