Mealy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Mealy:

If it is but potatoes and salt, let the salt be ground fine, and the potatoes white and mealy.

The name did not fit him; was too mealy; not debonair enough.

The "Mealy Sweet" was not of much account; it was too dry, but the Harveys were excellent.

A baked potato, eaten as soon as done, is sweet, dry and mealy.

They will not be mealy if they lie soaking in the water without boiling.

How did you manage to bake these potatoes so that they are so good and mealy?

It has a mealy or sandy feeling when rubbed between the fingers.

The flesh is inclined to be mealy; ripens the last of June in Texas.

The rats, after that, called her the meal-tub cat, and the mealy cat.

In other words, those which are “mealy” and most appetizing.