Meanest [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Meanest:

The road to it led through one of the meanest portions of the city.

He's got a drunken father,—one of the meanest kind of drunkards.

That it can be done will be obvious to the meanest comprehension.

We can do all we wish while we live; afterwards we are less than the meanest.

You are solicitous of the good-will of the meanest person, uneasy at his ill-will.

The meanest man on the Cape, and livin' right in my own town, too!

Let me be the lowest of the low and the meanest of the mean.

I must have looked like the meanest of pickpockets caught in the act.

He became as full of smiles and capers as the meanest sycophant.

"It is a riddle that the meanest of your clerks there can read for you," said he.