Meaningless [adjective]

Definition of Meaningless:

without use, value, worth

Opposite/Antonyms of Meaningless:

Sentence/Example of Meaningless:

I need not tell you that to me reformations in morals are as meaningless and vulgar as Reformations in theology.

The metaphor might be meaningless; but it struck him it was strong.

The sobriquet had hitherto been a mere shadow, a meaningless thing, to me.

The figures of the Light-year dials were meaningless to his comprehension.

He had no mind to spend the day at her fireside in pleasant, meaningless talk.

The nearness to the surface was meaningless; it only tantalized.

If the evolution in the status of woman does not point to the franchise it is meaningless.

He ceased abruptly and looked at his guests with a meaningless stare.

Life was just as miserable, as empty, as meaningless, as before.

Taken by itself, it was a meaningless sentence; but it satisfied him.