Meanly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Meanly:

Most men, meanly envious, disliked him; all men held him in pardonable distrust.

Indeed he said as much to me, and that it was not his fault that he thought so meanly of mankind.'

And if you thought so meanly of the cause, why have you adopted it?

His fault was not thinking too well of others, but thinking too meanly of himself.

Of their names they made a secret & their garb was but meanly.

We do not think so meanly of our country that we are willing to sell it for a mess of pottage.

Yet, being poor and meanly arrayed, he pushed not forward in the press.

"It seems to me that you fellows use me as meanly as you know how," flared Hen.

You have to-day again a dozen times the fortune I meanly squandered.

I was angry at the prince for involving my affairs so meanly.