Meant [verb]

Definition of Meant:

signify, convey

Synonyms of Meant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meant:


Sentence/Example of Meant:

This explosion of the doctor's meant that he invited and awaited some contradiction.

He feared now she meant to lose it irrevocably through remarriage.

Of course, that was to be said, but strangely enough he meant it.

There were fourteen thousand waiters in New York, if, by waiters, you meant any one.

When he set out he meant to reach the car and go back to town at once.

Mesopotamia, therefore, meant a stretch of land "between the rivers."

"Not at all," persisted he, accepting as conversation what she meant as a stab.

Of course I mean it--meant to ask you again to-day--ask you now.

"I beg your pardon—I meant to the professionals," interrupted Hester.

I have not meant to say that even with one's refuge in God there is nothing left to struggle with.