Meanwhile [adverb]

Definition of Meanwhile:

at the same time

Opposite/Antonyms of Meanwhile:


Sentence/Example of Meanwhile:

Ben Haley meanwhile was rapidly stripping the chicken of its feathers.

Meanwhile, fortune had improved with Mr. Davis, the superintendent of the factory.

Kate and Harry, meanwhile, awaited their opportunity to go in and visit Aunt Jane.

Meanwhile, Halbert Davis had passed an uncomfortable and restless night.

The men from the farmhouse had meanwhile come down with ropes.

Meanwhile her mentor, Mr. Day, was delighted at the interruption of her task.

Meanwhile there had been bustle and preparation in all parts of the great vessel.

Meanwhile fire-signals had been raised, conveying the alarm to Peiraeus and Athens.

Meanwhile, the 3rd Brigade had passed a tranquil night at Nawagai.

Meanwhile, how full of its own proper life is the scene that lies around them!