Measly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Measly:

"Well, I'd lost the whole blamed chunk on a pair of measly aces," he said.

A measly hundred and fifty dollars a month and find yourself.

I forced that much from the Chilcat when I had the measly wretch upon his back.

The muscles are sometimes full of them, and the pig is then said to be “measly.”

Do you think I am going to break my neck for your measly ten dollars?

Barbara—why wasn't I born for the likes of you, and not just a measly, ornery mucker like I am.

I have been made ridiculous by your measly little Balthazar—who should have been a man, sir!

"Bet you now, it was a measly wildcat," he hastened to exclaim.

He said that a smoker of cigarettes is always a measly runt!

His scorn was for a "measly little bunch not worth the risk."