Measures [noun]

Definition of Measures:

portion, scope

Synonyms of Measures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Measures:

Sentence/Example of Measures:

But they had other measures, too, and they danced them very prettily.

I might be forced into measures, which might entirely frustrate my purpose.

I shall take other measures; for I see you are a confederate with them.

The measures required, therefore, must first of all have regard to these two points.

Well, Jack, thou seest it is high time to change my measures.

The vigour and promptness of these measures cannot be too highly extolled.

If he thinks he's ill-treated, he measures the supposed cause by his sufferings.

Reckoned by feet, it was fifty measures in length as it lay.

He kept weights to buy by and weights to sell by, measures to buy by and measures to sell by.

In consequence of these measures, the whole country was in arms.