Meaty [adjective]

Definition of Meaty:


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Sentence/Example of Meaty:

It is a meaty plant and one can soon tell it from its weight alone.

It was not a long sermon, but He flattered Himself that it was meaty.

Captain Candage offered no rejoinder to that terse and meaty summing up.

If this brook has a fish that's as meaty as you are, I've never seen him.

The skins of which it was made exhaled a smoky, meaty smell.

He stepped to the bulkhead and brought his meaty hand hard against it.

They are meaty, and effective almost to the point of catchiness.

Split the tail and take out the bone, then roast the meaty part.

In 'Rudolph' you've got a part that's really the meaty part of the whole piece.

"Mr. Stower was a meaty man," the prophet said, in some scorn.