Mechanics [noun]

Definition of Mechanics:

mechanical details

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Sentence/Example of Mechanics:

The sliminess of the element utterly destroyed the mechanics of swimming.

They consist of beggars, mechanics, writers, and even artists.

It exceeds their knowledge of mechanics to force so heavy a mass from its position.

In the field of mechanics electricity is decidedly preferable to any other agent.

Dr. Bird nodded to the mechanics and followed Carnes into the big sedan.

You know the old proverb 'Mutton first, mechanics afterwards'?

A thing to disarrange the mechanics of all the Celestial Universe!

Turning back he noted that several of the mechanics had moved in close.

The second class comprised the mechanics, carpenters, blacksmiths, masons and the like.

At the end of this series was the largest class of all, the mechanics.