Mechanisms [noun]

Definition of Mechanisms:

machine, device

Synonyms of Mechanisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mechanisms:


Sentence/Example of Mechanisms:

The simple reason is that he has not had the mechanisms whereby he could do so.

We located four suits and helmets and the mechanisms to operate them.

Near it was a series of mechanisms at whose purpose he could not even guess.

Had someone gone out this way and broken the mechanisms after him?

It seemed that Miko was now testing the use of all his mechanisms.

It cannot carry all of our men and mechanisms, therefore only the most important of both are saved.

Light-threads shot from the mechanisms to the heads of the seated brains.

Markets do something else: They integrate expectations into their own mechanisms.

She too, Winifred, worshipped the impure abstraction, the mechanisms of matter.

These also are mechanisms that have come down to us from a high antiquity.