Mechanized [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Mechanized:

Mechanized, you will be of value to me when the great day comes.

Some spits were mechanized with a cogged wheel and a weight at the end of a string.

The officers appeared like all the other people in the clockwork culture of the mechanized New System.

Darkover is a civilized planet with a fairly high standard of living, but it is not a mechanized or a technological culture.

Mechanized milking equipment was also held in suspicion initially.

Perhaps our mechanized civilization is going to the dogs; as Scriven suspects and you and maybe I myself.

Once the floodgates of Arabic learning were opened, a stream of mechanized astronomical models poured into Europe.

When he glanced again, he was sure it was a mechanized human like himself—and a girl!

Gradually, agriculture was mechanized, industry was modernized and standards of living increased.

Ianito has mechanized him; he is in a hypnotic state of complete subjection to the Dictator.