Meddler [noun]

Definition of Meddler:

one who meddles

Synonyms of Meddler:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meddler:


Sentence/Example of Meddler:

Nobody must tell me I'm a meddler, butting in where I have no business.

You chose to reject my love and invite that meddler Sedgwick into our affairs.

A meddler is always a muddler;' how well I remember her saying that.

The managers of big business attributed the panic to "Theodore the Meddler."

You are as far as possible from a meddler: your fault is that you keep too much to yourself.

I will have no spy upon my actions—no meddler to thwart me in my will.

Agnes was about sixty years old, an ex-slave, a meddler, and liar.

The gladiators thrust aside the meddler, and rushed to the attack.

And I have every reason to think that the meddler is the minister.

They laugh at the idea and he is accused of being a meddler, rogue and thief.