Meddlesome [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Meddlesome:

He was meddlesome with perfect modesty; if he knew a thing or two there was no merit in it.

We won't tell the captain; he is as meddlesome as an old woman!

He loved his little girl; but he thought her much too meddlesome.

He was meddlesome, wrong-headed, unreasonable, and bold with it all.

The meddlesome neighbor didn't quite know what answer to make.

I didn't say a word about the names she called her,—meddlesome Matty, and all that.

"John is a meddlesome fellow," said Jasper, in a tone of vexation.

He doesn't like Saint John and calls him a meddlesome monkey of a minister.

For Nelly—to use her own words—had no patience with that “meddlesome person.”

He did not care for children; they were meddlesome and noisy.