Meddlesomeness [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Meddlesomeness:

My dear, my poor Queen might have been with me to this day, if it hadn't been for the meddlesomeness of men.

And that he had replied, "It is owing to my dislike of the meddlesomeness of women."

Pragmat′icalness, Prag′matism, activity: earnestness: meddlesomeness; Prag′matist.

But it does not require the meddlesomeness of a Whalley, or the volubility of a Newdegate, to make a politician.

They frankly said the British people were just beginning the same old game of meddlesomeness.

If you have told me the truth your meddlesomeness will have far-reaching consequences too dreadful to think about!

What you learned of old Eliphalet Congdon's meddlesomeness jibes exactly with what I know of his character.

As the result of your miserly ways, your meddlesomeness and your selfishness, you've just about ruined your life.

Smothering a curse at Little's meddlesomeness, he snatched up his glasses and focussed them on the schooner.

A small country village in America or England has its meddlesomeness, but not its worldly, wicked sharpness.