Meddling [noun]

Definition of Meddling:


Synonyms of Meddling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meddling:


Sentence/Example of Meddling:

It serves him right for meddling with matters that don't concern him.

You know there is an awkwardness in my meddling ever so cautiously.

And here too it'll be a case of meddling with forces you don't understand.

Add to it here the direct influence and meddling of the head-quarters.

You are more likely to do harm than good by meddling with it.

Why, I do think it would look odd, Mrs. McKeon meddling with it.

There was a lock on the front door, of course, but no one thought of meddling with that.

Meddling with wildcat stocks––asinine any way you figure it!

I tell you again, sir, that your meddling has done nothing but mischief.

"I will have none of your meddling," said the bride of two years.