Media [noun]

Definition of Media:

communication by publication or broadcast

Synonyms of Media:

Opposite/Antonyms of Media:


Sentence/Example of Media:

I will leave you now to choose your own men, and when all is ready you will march into Media at their head.

Also he called upon the Heroes of Media, who dwell in the land and guard it.

And now when the march had brought them into Media, Cyrus turned aside to visit Cyaxares.

And when it was done, Cyrus took his leave and came back to Media.

In art there is a constant development of tools and media and technical processes.

When the magi became organized in Media, they spread in every direction.

Albeit, the power of the media has already surpassed that of politics.

Specialized publications also keep track of the profitability of the media.

It is in obedience to the precept of Horace that I have begun by plunging in media res.

Streaming steam at 100° C. (for the sterilisation of media).