Median [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Median:

He did not see that his children had been brought up in the Median fashion, by women and eunuchs.

The elytra are soldered at the median edge, so that it cannot spread its wings to fly.

Mesal: pertaining to, situated on or in the median plane of the body.

Median shade or line: in Lepidoptera, crosses at or about middle of wings.

Median forks: in Orthoptera, refers to the forks of the median vein.

Sinistral: extending to or at the left from the median line.

They are expressly mentioned by Herodotus as a Median tribe.

This scale should be based on the median for all classes taken together.

He stripped one of my arms, and made a puncture in the median vein.

The tail feathers are red, save the median pair, which are black.