Mediated [verb]

Definition of Mediated:

try to bring to an agreement

Opposite/Antonyms of Mediated:

Sentence/Example of Mediated:

He mediated between the two, and so "cheap excursions" came into being.

Had its claims been founded on mediated revelation, he could not have honoured it more.

It can be "mediated" by the faith of every disciple of the immortal Izaak.

He was the Priest who mediated gladly between the least one and the greatest One.

But it was an idea, mediated in the consciousness of those who held it.

He went out of his line on this occasion, and mediated between the parties.

"Yes; it does put us in rather a tight place," mediated Chilminster.

In all, he had mediated thirty-two strikes, sat on two arbitration boards, made three cost-of-living surveys for the Government.

With the erudite Chapelain he mediated between the scholarship and the polite society of the time.

Standing between the bourgeoisie and the people, he mediated between the popular and the middle-class sentiment.