Mediating [verb]

Definition of Mediating:

try to bring to an agreement

Opposite/Antonyms of Mediating:

Sentence/Example of Mediating:

Mediating machine also evokes the notion of machine as program.

“Twas a very pleasant morning for a ride,” said mediating Gatty.

The Gauls, however, are the chief example of a mediating people.

It is obvious that the third view is only one of a number of mediating positions.

It is in that sense that I mean that America is a mediating nation.

I hope I may lead you to find it just the mediating way of thinking that you require.

First, midst and last, it is or can be grand when it reverts or comes round upon its mediating point, or point of reaction.

Things are not yet sufficiently advanced to admit of communicating them to the two mediating Courts.

Of course percepts may be involved in the mediating experiences, or in the ‘satisfactoriness’ of the P in its new position.

Hence he mitigates both by introducing the divine will as mediating between God and the world.