Medicines [noun]

Definition of Medicines:

substance that helps cure, alleviate, or prevent illness

Synonyms of Medicines:

Opposite/Antonyms of Medicines:


Sentence/Example of Medicines:

Six, eight, ten, by even numbers; just as in medicines by odd numbers.

But are you aware, brother, that it is these medicines which keep me in good health?

Then, as the headman hurried up: "Get me the box of medicines, quick!"

"Physicians are proverbially shy of their own medicines," said he.

They had neither tea nor coffee, and medicines were exhausted.

There are no medicines to be obtained in this lonely place.'

He was most regular in his diet, sleep, and use of medicines.

Medicines, you see, act according to the hand that gives them.

Because, I said, our rulers will often have to practise upon the body corporate with medicines.

The air was heavy with the smell of medicines and vinegar and the odours of sick life.