Medics [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Medics:

That—that stuff the medic made me drink made me feel—sort of sick.

You know that Mentorian—the young one, the medic's assistant?

The medic will help me with Ringg; that Mentorian girl can look after you.

The confusion persisted, so I allowed the medic to use a pressure hypo.

"A combination of weather, soil, et cetera," the medic said.

The medic flexed his muscles and said: "I can't take the responsibility—"

The medic's fingers tightened on the needle-beam, and managed to pull the trigger.

"Give me your hand, please, Captain," the medic said tonelessly.

The medic was surprised to find him sitting up when she made her morning rounds.

The medic had given Bud a sedative and he was already fast asleep.