Medieval [adjective]

Definition of Medieval:

having to do with the middle ages; old

Synonyms of Medieval:

Opposite/Antonyms of Medieval:

Sentence/Example of Medieval:

It was like trying to storm a medieval fortress with a popgun.

We had turned our backs upon medieval Cairo, and our faces toward Ethiopia.

Now, if they were not hopelessly medieval they would try a stick of dynamite.

Miles with Erasmus has no longer the meaning of 'knight' which it had in medieval Latin.

As in medieval Europe, the scholars of Asia and Egypt were priests.

He was powerfully drawn to the Medieval Church, but not to the Primitive.

It mirrors at once the greatness and the limitations of the medieval mind.

There was a medieval tradition that he was executed because of a work on the Trinity.

Besides, what he has to say about dentistry occurs in typical medieval form.

Three men were the great teachers in the medieval universities at their prime.